You Are Operating at the Cautious Level

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Sometimes it just takes a little more time to get started and that’s totally cool. 

I get it. 

At the moment, it seems like starting a blog right now may not be the best next step forward as you think about your online goals and dreams, and that’s perfectly ok. 

But move forward, you should! Continue your momentum and press forward.

You want to be successful when it comes time start your blog, right? So let’s make sure we help you figure out how to get there.

The thing I recommend most at this point is to ramp up your learning and commit to launching soon. Continue to invest in your goal of starting your own blog and tune up your “tech” skills so when the time comes you’ll be ready and have solid groundwork laid for your blog.

  • It may not quite be time to get started…
  • You’re curious and believe there is opportunity to share your store.
  • You’ve got a log of great ideas, but you’ve not settled on one.
  • You’ve got drive to create and that’s a great characteristic to have!


  • The technology hurdle may be a little much to overcome at this point
  • Not being entirely sure what you want to create can lead to frustration

Continue to craft your vision, and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Learn as much as you can about being a creator.

Recommended steps:

  • Checkout out and start experimenting with creating content and learning how to work with the WordPress platform
  • If you’re ready to try to set up your own site, get our WordPress checklist that covers everything you need to do to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog

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