You Are Operating at the Committed Level

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At this point in your journey you clearly have something you need to tell the world about. 

You’re ready to have an impact.

You’ve got a story to tell.

You’re ready to make waves and start gathering momentum online.

But maybe you’ve been stuck. 

You’re stuck on exactly what you need to do next. You’ve been thinking about this for a while, you’re excited, but you’ve not taken that next step.

But without a doubt, you’re ready to do this. 

I know, I know. This was just a short quiz you took online. But when you clicked that button, what you really said was, “I’m ready.”


  • You said – I’m ready to dive in and take on this challenge
  • You said – I’m ready to tell my story and ship my art
  • You said – I’m ready for the adventure


Now is the time to dig in and start. 


To be honest, it can be challenging. 


Fear can show up at the most inconvenient times.


Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. Fear of not being good enough. 


Have you ever felt those? Yea, I know I definitely have. Been there. Done that.


But fear vanishes in the face of a good plan, and you’ve got that started.


You’re not intimidated by the tech challenges. Maybe you’ve even used WordPress before. 

  • You’re ready to go!
  • You’ve got real potential to do something special
  • You’ve thought through your idea and you’re confident it’s solid
  • You won’t have any problem at all working with WordPress


  • Fear may be the thing that has slowed you down, so make sure you remember the reason you’re doing this to begin with

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