You Are Operating at the Curious Level

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So it seems you’ve not quite pulled the trigger on starting your blog, so what are you waiting for? Permission? Granted! 

I know, I know. This was just a short quiz you took online. But when you clicked that button, what you really said was, “I’m ready.”


  • You said – I’m ready to dive in and take on this challenge.
  • You said – I’m ready to tell my story and ship my art.
  • You said – I’m ready for the adventure.


So consider this the encouraging nudge you need to get your site started! 

Now let’s get this thing going!

No more planning and thinking at this point. 

You have potential, and you’re excited. You should be!

So now it’s time for you to start doing.

You’ve put in the thought and time to refine your idea. You’ve created some outlines for the content you want to create. You’re ready to handle the technology challenges.

So now is the time to pull the trigger and get it going!

  • Permission? Granted. Now – let’s go!
  • You’ve got the drive and passion you need
  • You’re not intimidated with the technology you need to use for your blog
  • You’ve planned out your concept for what you want to do, but you’ve not pulled the trigger yet
  • It’s time – give yourself permission to follow that passion you have
  • Consider this the nudge you need to get moving – it’s time to go!


  • You’ve been a little intimidated by the idea, but guess what: we all have been there too!
  • The technology can be a challenge, but you’re up to the task!

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